Would you like to swim with the colorful fish on a coral reef?  How about exploring some famous, and some not so famous, shipwrecks?  Or even amaze your friends with pictures you took beneath the ocean?  Would you like to take a vacation where you can get away from the everyday?  I mean REALLY get away!  To do this, become a scuba diver!  

Could this be for you?  Join us for your chance to Try Scuba.  You will have the opportunity to experience scuba diving in the controlled environment of a swimming pool under the supervision of a professional dive leader.  With this exciting and enjoyable experience, the next step is to sign up for your basic open water diver course.  You are on your way!  Step up and jump in.  Amaze yourself and your friends with what have seen and experienced in the amazing underwater world!

Contact Scuba Hut of Maryland to arrange your Try Scuba experience.

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Diving, the adventure that lasts a lifetime