Scuba Hut of Maryland, Inc.

Diving, the adventure that lasts a lifetime


Discover a completely new feeling! Snorkeling means pure enjoyment and adventure at the same time. It is much easier than you might think and anyone can learn. This is your chance to experience a whole new world.

Snorkeling is a very relaxing and, at the same time, exciting activity which is suitable for all age levels. You may have never thought of learning how to snorkel, but to get the most out of your snorkeling experience, you need to learn the right skills while using quality snorkeling equipment.

KNOWLEDGE: Gain the proper knowledge, background information, practical application and hints for an enjoyable snorkeling holiday.  The SSI on line Snorkel Diver course and your instructor provide both academic and practical knowledge and experience to become a happy snorkeler.

SKILLS: Under the tutelage of a professional dive leader, participate in an in-water training class to learn the proper techniques to comfortably enjoy this awesome activity.

EQUIPMENT: Selecting equipment that has been professionally fitted lets you enjoy a comfortable experience knowing that you have been properly outfitted for your snorkeling adventure and that your individual needs have been met.

EXPERIENCE: With the proper knowledge, skills and equipment, you are ready to experience the aquatic world.
To continue your underwater adventures, let us help plan your next resort snorkeling trip. Who knows, you might like it enough to want to learn to scuba dive!

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