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Table Of Contents: 

           BASIC COURSES:
            Basic Open Water
                Fill out Open Water Class on line application
            Try Scuba
            Scuba Skills Update 
            Refresher course

                Increase your training, experience and comfort by taking a specialty course. Open to all certified divers, our on line specialty courses prepare you for meeting with an instructor for academic and water work. You choose the courses for the type of diving you want to do.

                Boat Diving 
                Deep Diving 
                Dry Suit Techniques*
                Enriched Air NITROX 
                Night/Limited Visibility Diving  
                Stress and Rescue Diving* 
                Underwater Navigation 
                Wreck Diving 

                * =  pool sessions required

For dates, times and cost, contact Scuba Hut of Maryland at 410-761-4520 or on the web at INFO@SCUBAHUTOFMD.COM

Advanced ratings

Combinations of specialty courses lead to specialty ratings.

Specialty Diver- Two specialty courses and a total of 12 logged dives.

Advanced Open Water Diver - Four specialties and a total of 24 logged dives.  Compare this with other certifying agencies who only require 10 or 11 dives to be an advanced diver!  Who is really more advanced?

Master Diver Four specialties plus Stress and Rescue and a total of 50 logged dives.  How do you get better at any activity?  By continuing to perform that activity.  50 logged dives and you can be proud of your accomplishments.  You will find yourself to be a more comfortable and confident diver.


Think you have what it takes to become a leader? Share your enthusiasm and love of diving as a Dive Guide, Dive Master, Assistant Instructor to become a Dive Control Specialist. The Dive Control Specialist course is for those intent on learning how to share your love of diving with others or just get additional training and experience.  Call Scuba Hut of Maryland at 410-761-4520 to learn more.