Diving, the adventure that lasts a lifetime

Scuba Hut of Maryland, Inc.


If you would like to make longer dives with shorter surface intervals and even feel more alert after those dives, then Nitrox is for you. Our most popular specialty gives you the opportunity to be where divers want to be ..... IN the water. In order to do this, we change the air that we breathe to Nitrox. This specialty teaches you what the differences are and what changes are important to the diver.  The SSI online Enriched Air Nitrox course along with your instructor provide the information needed to enrich your diving experience.

The primary goal of any specialty course is to teach you important skills in a fun environment.

KNOWLEDGE: All courses are taught using on line training and short academic sessions.

SKILLS: In-water training gives you the opportunity to practice the skills needed to successfully perform in the open water.

EQUIPMENT: Due to the nature of the specialty, there is specific equipment that enables you to expand your diving experience.

EXPERIENCE: By learning the material of the specialty course, you can enhance your diving experience as a more knowledgeable, confident, and comfortable diver.
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