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Scuba Hut of Maryland, Inc.

Open Water Diver



The basic open water class taught at Scuba Hut of Maryland is a full certification course. Upon successful completion of the course the student will be invited to participate in an open water checkout weekend or allowed to make referral checkout arrangements. Complete the checkout dives, and you will have earned your basic open water certification card (c-card), the doorway to your scuba diving adventure!

KNOWLEDGE:  Proper knowledge  of the underwater environment is conducted through on-line training and reinforced with classroom discussion.

SKILLS:  The physical skills of scuba diving are built practiced and repeated.  Comfort through repetition helps you become a confident and comfortable scuba diver.

EQUIPMENT:  Owning your own professionally fitted quality equipment is key to your comfort in the water from one dive site to another. 

EXPERIENCE:  Besides the knowledge of scuba diving, repeating the skills again and again in a variety of dive environments makes you a more confident and comfortable diver.

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